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Patrick's Newest Book
Everlasting Love
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Open the door to the world of the afterlife and discover that even death cannot break the true bond of love.  Your beloved is always with you in, and with help from Patrick and Kathleen Mathews, you will come to a greater understanding of what this life is all about: love.

Everlasting Love features inspiring stories from Patrick’s readings that provide great wisdom about life and love from those in spirit. These readings help you move forward in life with your loved ones in spirit, and they also give you a new perspective on how their love and continuing guidance will help you through every day. Kathleen shows you that life can become richer and more fulfilled with a new, spiritual relationship with your passed on beloved and find comfort and happiness once again. 

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Patrick's Newest Book
Forever with You
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After the phenomenal success of Never Say Goodbye, Patrick Mathews became one of the most recognized mediums in the country. Forever With You invites us back for a closer look at his fascinating life as a spirit communicator and all he’s learned.

These vivid and unforgettable stories help us understand what it’s like to talk to spirits, how our loved ones have—and haven’t—changed since crossing over, and how they continue to impact our lives. Answering questions only a medium can, Mathews offers insight into life’s biggest mysteries—what happens when we pass into spirit, heaven and hell, God and angels, reincarnation, the purpose of our physical life, and more!

The end of this physical life does not have to mean the end of a day to day relationship with loved ones in spirit.  Gifted medium Patrick Mathews reveals that we don't have to let go of loved ones in spirit-in fact, they benefit as much from ongoing communication as we do.

Never Say Goodbye will help you learn how to recognize spirit communication and establish an ongoing relationship with those in spirit.  The stories Patrick tells of his life and the people he has helped are heartwarming, humorous, and compelling!

Patrick's Best Selling Book
Never Say Goodbye

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